Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maybe Relevancy Isn't the Problem

I've come to a conclusion.. There is nothing wrong with the change to relevancy. Think I'm weird? Think again.... After posting perviously my "views" have not changed.. They still have little if any "views". So why do I not see the problem with the change to relevancy anymore? It's really quite simple. I believe that in the process of changing everything up on etsy some how the view counter got messed up or is only counting a certain kind of "view" but not neccessarily all the times someone looks at that specific page. For instance..
This item has "0 views" yet it still manges to have a "<3" (someone added it to favorites.) It is impossible for someone to favorite an item without ever even looking at it! So obviously it has been being looked at and someone liked it enough to <3 it. (Which we all love :)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Etsy Default Relevancy Search

Alright, I will admit it. When I first saw that Etsy was going to make the Default search "Relevancy" I was over joyed! No more spending loads of money on renewing for me ah? Sales on my amazing items (or so I like to think of them) simply because they are the best and I tag my items well. Hey this is going to be a win win for me! Save money AND make sales right? Reality check....

In the past 24 hours I have listed 3 new items.. Which I thought of as beautifully photographed, tagged, titled, and described. Going to be nice and relevant. Show up in the searches make lots a views which = quick sales. Right? Wrong. 

As you can see for yourselves.. Little if any views. Come on! What is wrong here?? Is it just me or are other etsians getting the same results? Something is definately not working right...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Finished Repurposed Necklace

Remember the vintage necklace that I found at a yard sale I was talking about a few days ago? If you missed it you can see the post here. Well I finished it!

What do you think? I love the way it turned out! If your interested in purchasing it here is the listing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blog Button

I'm working on building a blog button... I have the picture I want :) Isn't it cute?
Now just to figure out how to put it all together.. Any suggestions on where to start?

EDIT: I'm all finished! I ended up doing a google search "How to make a blog button" and took bits and pieces from different tutorials to get on that worked for the space I have available on the side. :)


Ugly day and Christmas Prep

Photo from
Sigh... I woke up today to a cloudy gray day, with raindrops drizzling down in rain bursts. Now don't get me wrong I love the rain. I love hearing thunder boom, watching the lightning illuminate the sky, and seeing the rainbow at the end of the storm. But that's not what today is like it's just a gross gray day. :/

I guess the photography plans I had for today will have to wait. I'm working on getting my shop Christmas ready. Yes, I know, It's a bit early. But not for a seller! It's time to start stocking up on supplies and building up my shop full of items. And with having been a slacker on my shop recently, (:O I haven't listed new items in about a month!) there is a lot to do! So far I've

  • Purchased a bunch of new beads in the birthstones for the coming months, and Vintage brass wire, findings, charms etc. :) There all in the mail and I will be sure to show them to you when they get here! I pretty excited! 
  • Working on the blog again :) It feels so nice to be back blogging
  • Looking for blogs to advertise on that fit my target market AND budget. I've found a few, but am still waiting to hear back about price. I've got my fingers crossed :) If you think your blog would be a good fit send me an email!
Have you gotten started on your Christmas shop preparations or Christmas prep in general?


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

I spent the day browsing over various yard sales in the area. Although I got alot of various items, one of the things I am most excited about is this beautiful vintage necklace.

 An elderly woman, who must have had the piece for at least a decade or so, was selling it.  But on top of that she told me that SHE had purchased it from a yard sale back in the day. So this piece, to put it bluntly, is pretty old.

I'm planning on refashioning it into a newer style, it just has so much potential! I'll keep you all updated on it's transformation.


Friday, August 5, 2011

With summer quickly running away and school just on the horizon I spent this past weekend hanging out with the family. Between cookouts, laughing over a game of Malarky or Imagineiff, Six Flags America, the Washington Memorial and adventures through a neighboring cornfield (Hey I'd never seen a corn field up close before! Let me tell you they aren't as pretty as they seem from the inside) it was an interesting weekend to say the least.

A cute little train that runs around "Whistlestop Park" inside of Six Flags America

The Station

Adorable little kid was having alot of fun watching the train run along the tracks.

The Spectacular view from the top of the Washington Memorial.

Having a bit to much fun inside of the Washington Memorial Museum ;)

My lovely cornfield adventure. I went with "Dora the Explorer" ;)