Friday, February 4, 2011

Alchemy Has Passed On

Yesterday was the last day of etsy's Alchemy feature for a while. It is being taken down so that the admin can remake it without dealing with trying to keep the old one open.
As the Etsy admin put it:
"We love what Alchemy represents, and we want to do it even better. While we're working on that, we're going to close down the current Alchemy. Helping shoppers to request custom items and having our community bid on the opportunity to fulfill those wishes is the tip of the iceberg."
 I am myself very upset about this. I rely heavily on custom work as I know other Etsians do. In order to help those etsians along I have decided to place there shop information here so that if you would like to order custom work all you have to do is send them a convo.

To start off we have Empwr.

A bit about: My name is Kellie aka Empwr/EllieK. I am a graphic artist/spray paint artist, and mother of twins! I have a very supportive husband that absolutely loves my work. I found my passion for art with graffiti. I love to apply graffiti techniques onto canvas using the different lettering styles and stenciling techniques. Painting is my chance to let it all go. I love new challenges and doing custom work for people. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!:)

Nanda is a mom of 3 and living in Spain. She has two shops on Etsy: Lilmisspolkadot and Misspolkadotdesigns

Lilmisspolkadot sells all kinds of products for babies through brides.

Onesies with a bowtie or necktie and shabby chic onesies with lace and flowers.... bibs, pouches, toys, flower brooches, flower hairclips, flower headbands, kids art and lots more...

In my other shop MissPolkadotDesigns i sell graphic designs like logos, banners, headers, shopsets, flyers, illustrations, business cards, invitations, announcements and more.

Her style is very versatile, but what she loves making most is whimsical, elegant, retro, romantic, sweet, chic, classy.

Dolly Rocker Candles creates custom Candles!

A Bit AboutDolly Rocker Candles are an earth-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles. All natural, sustainable harvest palm wax burns slower and cleaner so you can enjoy the candles longer. Palm wax also holds more scent. Each handmade candle is formulated from my personal recipe to maximize the fragrance.

Now carrying a selection of soy wax tarts! The realistic looking tarts are scented with twice the fragrance that goes into my candles.

Currently, they offer 48 hand-picked premium fragrances. They are tested true to life and include fruity, floral, earthy and bakery scents.

Custom Stamps by typeStyles You know we all need them!

A little bit about: 19 years printing experience - both business and social. Creating business cards, brochures, postcards, labels, invitations, announcement, signs & banners. Looking for something not on my list? ask me! I love antique typewriters, however I realize that the type they produce needs some style . . . and typeStyles was born. Run my own business and love it.

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