Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Vincent De Paul Society Fundraiser

Last Weekend (wow was it really that long ago!) I was given the privilege of being asked to be a vendor at a "Valentines Extravaganza" put on at a local parish. The whole point of the event was to raise money for the St. Vincent De Paul Society to help feed the hungry. The day didn't amount to much profit for me personally, but I was glad to give my contribution to helping feed those less fortunate.

I always am redoing my displays for craft shows, and I think it changes just about every show. This is what it is at right now, and I must admit I think it looks pretty good. The table was a weird shape and it would have looked better had the table not been so deep, and rather longer.

One thing that I have used several times are my homemade necklace busts. They are created from bowls that have been flipped over with velvet attached to them. I will have to create a tutorial for how to make them soon. I think they only cost me something like $.75 a bust, and they look amazing!

A few other photos of my display:

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  1. Those displays are gorgeous! Sorry about not getting much profit, with those displays and your jewelry you should have :D