Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

Yeah! It is that time of year.... Super-Bowl Sunday! My whole house is in chaos in preparation for the game. My little sister and brother are fighting over who gets to wear which steelers jersey... And every one is deciding who is going where, and which place will have a bigger screen.

I personally don't care who actually wins. Yes call me a poor steelers fan, but I actually believe they will lose to green bay. They just can't follow through and finish a game strong. I think I will be eaten alive at a super-bowl party I am attending for this belief...

Who are you rooting for today?
Steelers Bracelets.

Packers headband.


  1. I don't care who wins either, but I'm gonna root for green bay.

  2. This is our first Super Bowl not living in Pittsburgh. I'm not a football fan, but the game is on, and we are over flowing with junk food. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  3. I didn't watch that much, too busy browsing Etsy. lol

  4. I did the same thing Mags. I think I watched 5 plays. lol

  5. I'm definitely not a Packers fan, but that headband is really cute!