Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Etsy Default Relevancy Search

Alright, I will admit it. When I first saw that Etsy was going to make the Default search "Relevancy" I was over joyed! No more spending loads of money on renewing for me ah? Sales on my amazing items (or so I like to think of them) simply because they are the best and I tag my items well. Hey this is going to be a win win for me! Save money AND make sales right? Reality check....

In the past 24 hours I have listed 3 new items.. Which I thought of as beautifully photographed, tagged, titled, and described. Going to be nice and relevant. Show up in the searches make lots a views which = quick sales. Right? Wrong. 

As you can see for yourselves.. Little if any views. Come on! What is wrong here?? Is it just me or are other etsians getting the same results? Something is definately not working right...


  1. I am getting the same exact results (however I was never actually getting that many views so it isn't much of a change for me :D). Hopefully it might start working better soon, fingers crossed!

  2. Agree! I am very new to etsy but my items had a couple hundred views over 2-3 days. Today 30. Surely other sellers are hurting from this. This makes it where you could post an item and never get back on until an order is sold and have the same chance of coming up first as those who are involved every day and spending money promoting their items, well were spending $ promoting. And surely Etsy will get enough complaints from sellers to change it back and if nothing else realize how much money they are loosing from sellers not relisting.


  3. I've never got huge views that made any sense on Etsy at all. Been there for a year and I just can't figure it out. In fact, I think I get more views by getting listed on treasuries than the feed--it's really random.