Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ugly day and Christmas Prep

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Sigh... I woke up today to a cloudy gray day, with raindrops drizzling down in rain bursts. Now don't get me wrong I love the rain. I love hearing thunder boom, watching the lightning illuminate the sky, and seeing the rainbow at the end of the storm. But that's not what today is like it's just a gross gray day. :/

I guess the photography plans I had for today will have to wait. I'm working on getting my shop Christmas ready. Yes, I know, It's a bit early. But not for a seller! It's time to start stocking up on supplies and building up my shop full of items. And with having been a slacker on my shop recently, (:O I haven't listed new items in about a month!) there is a lot to do! So far I've

  • Purchased a bunch of new beads in the birthstones for the coming months, and Vintage brass wire, findings, charms etc. :) There all in the mail and I will be sure to show them to you when they get here! I pretty excited! 
  • Working on the blog again :) It feels so nice to be back blogging
  • Looking for blogs to advertise on that fit my target market AND budget. I've found a few, but am still waiting to hear back about price. I've got my fingers crossed :) If you think your blog would be a good fit send me an email!
Have you gotten started on your Christmas shop preparations or Christmas prep in general?


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